TOP 4 
Essential Oils


Below is the overview of my TOP4 recommenced oils in the current needs.
Together, they will strengthen your nervous system and 
immune system.  


Top 4 oils

  1. OnGuard blend
    Why? To strengthen the immune system
    Basic usage: 1-2 drops on soles of feet every morning 
    4-5 drops in diffusor


  2. Air blend
    Why? To support a healthy lung tract
    Basic usage: Add 1 drop to your choice of carrier oil, apply over chest every morning


  3. Melaleuca
    Why? Anti-viral, works like a "bodyguard" in terms of harmful threats
    Basic usage: Add 1 drop to your choice of carrier oil, apply over chest after Air
    Diffusor: Mix 2-3 drops air with 2-3 drops Melaleuca


  4. Lavender
    Why? Soothes the nervous system, supports a deep sleep (good for recovery and immune system support!)
    Basic usage: 1-2 drops on soles of feet before sleep
    Apply 1 drop over heart (supports the processing of all the emotions in your heart + the heart of the world)
    Diffusor evening: 3 drops lavender, 2 drops Melaleuca, 1 drop Air


Additional 3 oils

The above 4 are the ones I recommend the most if you want to keep it simple and effective for the current needs. If you like to play around with more, here are the 3 for that we went through as well: 


  1. Lemon
    Why? U p l i f t I n g, refreshing, mood-enhancing, joyful, improves creativity (for alle the ones who want to use the time for creative project work right now) + great for metabolism and focus
    Basic usage: 1 drop in water (great for metabolism and moving stuff out of the body, glass bottle only)
    1 drop diluted with your carrier oil, unscented cream: apply over arms and upper body (elevates your whole system as skin is thin on forearms and you support your heart & lung tract)
    Diffusor: 4-6 drops lemon in diffusor
    Alternatives: 3 drops Lemon, 2 drops Melaleuca, 1 drop Air
    4 drops OnGuard, 2 drops Lemon
    3 drops Lemon, 3 drops Lavender


  2. Geranium
    Why? Opens the heart, limits anxiety and fear
    Basic usage: 1 drop over heart
    1 drops diluted with carrier oil or cream over heart space + forearms (there you will access your heart meridians!! 
    2 drops Geranium, 2 drops Lemon and 2 drops Melaleuca in diffusor (delicious)


  3. ZenGest
    Why? Supports the digestive track. Supports emotional digestion of what's going on
    Basic usage: 1 drop diluted over belly (great before sleep)
    1 drop in water if you have digestive issues before or after meal



General recommendation

To see results, you only need to use few drops a day but ideally every day.
It's the same with anything: few minutes meditation every day will bring you more peace than 2 hours once in a while.


Where to purchase?

You can buy doTERRA oils through any doTERRA Advocate.
If you want, you can purchase them through me. Instructions below. I will send you more input and guidance on the oils you purchase to support you. I offer 30min intro calls for everyone who purchases through me.

You can get some oils on Amazon. It's not cheaper and it's not an official doTERRA partner. Same as with perfume, you'll find a lot of fake oils.





DoTERRA offers retail prices and member prices. Member prices are 25% off. Member fee is 25€ in first year. In second year, 18€ with Peppermint for free (which is about 18€). So effectively no fee in second year, you can cancel anytime. I recommend the Member model because you get the best price and it makes sense with few oils only already!

Here are the prices of the oils above:

  • OnGuard: 35,75€ member price, 47,67€ retail price

  • Air: 23,25€ member price, 31€ retail price

  • Melaleuca: 19€ member price, 25,33€ retail price

  • Lavender: 23€ member price, 30,67€ retail price

  • Lemon: 11,25€ member price, 15€ retail price

  • Geranium: 35,75€ member price, 47,67€ retail price

  • ZenGest: 35,75€ member price, 47,67€ retail price

  • Petal Diffusor: 40,50€ member price, 54€ retail price

  • Member Fee: 25€


For transparency in information, doTERRA also offers starter kits that already include the Member Fee. The one that comes with diffusor and all oils above except for Geranium is the Home Essentials Kit. It contains in total 10 oils and the Petal Diffusor. If you are more interested in that, you can find it in this sheet on page 2. It is 268€ in most countries (225€ + your local tax).


How to ORDER

  1. Click on:

  2. If you want retail prices (no discount): click on shop

  3. If you want member prices (25% discount): click on "join & save"

  4. Click on "Vorteilskunde" / "Wholesale customer"

  5. Choose your country and language

  6. Enter your data

  7. Select either "Welcome Pack" for 25€ or choose your kit (e.g. Home Essentials kit)

  8. If you choose to buy oils individually: Add each oils through the search bar. You'll find for some oils two versions (10ml Touch + 15ml). 10ml Touch is diluted in a roller. I recommend the pure oils in 15ml so you can use them accordingly to what I've shared with you. 

  9. Proceed to pay. You're all set.


You're oils arrive around 4-5 days after payment.

If you have troubles to place your order, I can place it for you with your information.

Feel free to reach out with questions.

If you want a quick intro call once you have your oils, feel free to reach out so we can find a time slot. 

Have a beautiful day and stay safe.


Place your order until March 31 and receive 50 points as March welcome gift.

Your points are worth around 50€. We work in one global currency system at doTERRA (points). 

You are qualified for welcome gift if your order is over 100 points (pv). 

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