Live Streams
during Corona


In this time, we can all rise to a new potential.

I’ve created an online program that is inspiring, grounding, activating and re-connecting. You can join the parts that will help you the most to nurture your balance. My hope is that you get out of this time with a gain in creativity and with a gain in self-centeredness. 


All classes are live stream only.

We start tomorrow, March 21.
You can book your class with Urban Sports or Paypal.
30 day unlimited pass available too.




Saturday Morning Flow, 9:30 - 10:30, English

Start your Saturday with a dynamic, activating and inspiring Vinyasa Flow practice. 



Sunday Mini Retreat, 18:00 - 19:00, English

End your week with a Mini Retreat. Each week, you'll receive new inspiration and you'll be guided through journaling exercises to connect with yourself. We end the session with Meditation/breathwork and a quiet yoga practice. 



Monday Morning Inspiration, 08:00 - 08:20, English

Start your Monday with an Inspiring Morning Meditation.

We'll work with weekly changing themes and visualizations.


Thursday Evening, Meditate + Stretch, 19:00 - 19:20, Deutsch

Beende Deinen Tag mit einer erdenden Meditation + einer kurzen, ruhigen Yin/Stretch- und Atempraxis.



Your yoga mat for all classes
A block or (meditation) pillow for all classes
Journal and pen for Sunday Mini retreat
A blanket if you like it cozy in Savasana

Your phone or laptop to join the live stream

60min classes: 11,11€ (tax included)
20min classes: 5,55€ (tax included)
Full month pass: 55,55€ (tax included) - all classes unlimited for 30 days

If you have an Urban Sports Membership: 1 credit

How to book with PayPal:

Make your payment via

Add the date you want to join in the reference field


Send an email to 

Add the date you want to join in the reference field.
You’ll receive the zoom-link to dial-in 30 minutes prior
 to the session.



How to book with Urban Sports?

Book your Spot via Urban Sports through instant booking.

All classes should be listed tomorrow afternoon.

You’ll receive the zoom link to dial-in 30 minutes prior to the session.



How to book with a
Full Month Pass?

Make your pass payment via

Add your desired start date for your pass in the reference field. 


For the 30 day period of your pass, send me and email to before each class you want to join.

You’ll receive the zoom-link to dial-in 30 minutes prior to the session.

Program will be extended in case of higher demand. 
You can send me your extension wishes for German or English classes via my contact form.

You can share my offerings with your friends.


Motivation, at its root, means"to move". Motivation moves you into action. Strong motivation moves others, as well. People enjoy being moved.
Anodea Judith 


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