DoTERRA is shaping the field of modern medicine. Since the beginning, it has been part of doTERRA's vision to close the gap between Western and Eastern Medicine. DoTERRA has invested in massive research to be able to source essential oils in a way and quality that keeps the power of essential oils intact. No other company has gone that far. No other company really sells pure essential oils. The field of traditional Western Medicine has started to pay attention to the movement doTERRA started. They have looked at research and test results from independent institutes. Traditional cancer clinics in US are starting to integrate doTERRA essential oils in their healing therapy. That's the dimension in which we play in.

The heart of doTERRA is proactive healthcare. Essential oils have the power to bring our system back into balance. With daily routines, you can minimize the effects of stress before they result in chronic diseases. Over time, they will bring you back into your natural balance and power. You will find a higher access to your creativity, a higher access to open your heart, to connect to your intuition and to move with trust through life.

As the effects are so broad, the business opportunity holds lots of room for you to play. You can focus on sharing doTERRA oils for their physical benefits, for their emotional benefits, for overcoming fears and triggers, for Mums & Kids, as a holistic coach, as a holistic doctor, as a yoga teacher, a conscious influencer, as someone who doesn't want to be put in a box - you choose. You can build your customer base in your local area or around the globe. You can sell to any country in which we officially sell. We are always opening new markets like South Africa end of this year. There's few things you need to bring with you: curiosity, a passion for conscious healthcare and you need to love to use doTERRA oils yourself. We only sell authentically and we want to share from experience.

You will be guided by me to learn how to use essential oils most efficiently, how they work in your body, why doTERRA oils are very different from other essential oils in the market, how to find your niche and target group, how to overcome limiting belief and how to build a serious business. My mentoring is on-going once you signed up with me.

In summer, I will start a tailored Future Ambassador Mentoring Program to go with focus in each topic above. This is an optional opportunity if you like to receive additional support over 3 months to set you up for success.  

Details coming soon.
If you are interested to start as Ambassador right away or to join the waiting list for the Future Ambassador Program, send me an email to

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