Every pure natural essential oil has the power to deeply heal our bodily systems on a physical and emotional level. 

However, most essential oils you can buy in the market do not have this capacity. Every plant produces essential oils. The natural setup of an essential oil is to protect the plant from harmful influences. An essential oil can be seen as the immune system of the plant.     

Sourcing natural essential oils is a complex process. The quality is determined by when the plant material is harvested, how the essential oil is extracted and where the plant is growing.  

Most essential oils are bought from a broker on the exchange market. The broker is not interested in optimizing quality and will sell oils to companies that are not grown in the native region of the plant or not harvested at the ideal time.

The average company who sells essential oils may or may not stretch the oils they buy from a broker with cheaper substances to increase margins. All this is not necessarily a bad thing. It might be ok if you are only looking for a smell.

If you want to use essential oils in their original quality to experience the rich therapeutic benefits - meaning you can sleep deeper, you can release anxiety, you can boost your immune system, you can elevate your system - then there's kind of nothing apart from doTERRA (I've used other oils before).


doTERRA has changed the essential oil industry in many ways. doTERRA has been founded 10 years ago without an investor - knowing that an investor would always optimize margins instead of quality. doTERRA started to establish direct relationships with farmers in over 40 countries. No oil is bought from a broker. Every oil is sourced in the native region of the plant. This ensures highest quality. doTERRA established a system of paying farmers one part for planting seeds - this ensures that a farmer doesn't harvest too early out of financial pressure.
doTERRA is not interested in exploiting a region. doTERRA wants to see their partners - the farmers - thrive.

doTERRA tests every single bottle of essential oil. No other company does that. This is the reason why doTERRA is the only company where the chemical profile of an essential oil is 100% identical to all other bottles from the same plant species. doTERRA oils are the safest oils you can find. You can take most of them internally.

doTERRA aims to empower you with your oils. Empowerment works with knowledge. That's why doTERRA decided to distribute the oils through a network of advocates who are able to give you guidance on usage. When you sign up with one advocate, you will get the guidance from this person.

If you want to sign up with me, you will get my guidance. I will help you select the oils that are most tailored to your needs. We will do an on-boarding call once you have your oils so I can teach you how to use them. I will give you access to my community group in which I share input on the oils on a regular basis.

Please note that doTERRA oils on Amazon are not sold by doTERRA. Amazon offers 3rd party sellers the option to register themselves. In such a system, it is hard to track for original quality. doTERRA does not support the sales on Amazon and is working with Amazon to remove the sellers. The doTERRA oils you find on Amazon are mostly re-filled bottles with something different than doTERRA.
When you sign up as a member, you'll see that the bottles on Amazon are even more expensive (members get a 25% discount with doTERRA). 


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