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More and more companies are building new workspaces with meditation rooms, offer yoga sessions for employees and open mindfulness departments. Mindfulness in business is becoming more than a marketing trend. Companies like Google and SAP have measured the impact of their mindfulness initiatives. Result: Teams with a mindful culture are performing better. One of the driving factors was the factor that people perform better when they feel safe.

Mindfulness tools can do more. They can reduce stress levels and pressure, they can increase focus, they can create a positive team culture, they can increase the success of negotiations and they can increase creativity.

Creativity for example is connected to our parasympathetic nervous system. When the parasympathetic nervous system is activated, creative impulses come easily to us. We all experience that when we are on a long vacation or in nature. Ideas just come up. When we work under pressure, our nervous system is in a sympathetic state. All body functions that are not directly required are shut down to enable immediate reactions. As result, our body shuts down proper digestion, immunity, creativity and few other functions.

We can activate our parasympathetic nervous system with meditation, a short restorative yoga practice and few other mindfulness tools. If we work with the knowledge of our body, we need less time to generate better ideas. Once we have these ideas, we can focus on execution and work with tools for a high focus.

Weekly business yoga sessions are a way to establish an overall balance. However, tailored sessions and offsite events are the way to create lasting impact. Bill Gates is doing regular think weeks in nature in which he focusses on solving one problem. When we want to create a team movement for a common goal, it is important to bring the team together and create the required energy.


I am offering Business Retreats in the format of Management Retreats and Teambuilding Retreats. All Retreats are tailored events including yoga, meditation, guided reflection, mindset work and business sessions. The business sessions vary from product development (creativity), customer retention (mindset + strategy) to creating an aligned force (teambuilding + mindset) and other topics that are relevant to you.

Retreats are offered as One Day Retreats in Berlin or your city - as 2 or 3 Day Retreats in selected locations.

Reach out with your topic and goal to discuss a tailored concept.



Create lasting impact.

Discuss your concept.

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